Business Development Manager

  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER: Leading and assisting in the creation of strategic business plans, marketing plans, feasibility studies and strategic recommendation documents for start-up and middle market companies. As well as leading and assisting in the creation of customized financial projections, valuations and M&A models. Being able to support and lead these engagements requires the beneficiary to have strong understanding of college-level and advanced business, accounting, marketing and economics related concepts like Investment Banking, Strategic Planning, Financial Modeling & Projections’ Business Operations & Strategy Advisory, Corporate Finance & Valuation, Deal Origination & Business Development. Should have proven track record of Sales Success and Client Relationship Development of $200,000.00 annually.

    Mail resumes to Edeska, LLC at 12777 W Jefferson Blvd., Building D, Suite 3119, Los Angeles, CA 90066.