Edeska is a full service business consulting firm that is focused on helping you to create the tangible business results you need to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive environment.  Our team of consultants can assist you with everything you need to start or grow your company, from business plan consulting and website development to online marketing and debt financing.

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We have transformed the idea of business consulting and have created an experience that puts our clients first. We offer the best rates, unprecedented service, and effective results. Our goal is to help each of our clients achieve their goals. Because when they succeed, we succeed.

We help our clients raise capital, launch operations, grow revenue, increase market share, optimize operations, and improve profitability.

Trusted By 3,500+ Businesses Worldwide

Collectively, our business consultants have assisted over 3,500 entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their business objectives, ranging from early stage start-up ventures to Fortune 5,000 companies.

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